Gareth Somers Woyzeck! *****

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ED2014 Theatre Review: Woyzeck! *****

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It was an excellent decision to present this interpretation of Georg Büchner’s play through the eponymous character’s eyes; actor Gareth Somers shifts between the broken soldier and the officers and doctor who taunted, manipulated and humiliated him. A tremendously physical performance sees him clambering amongst the audience, adding a frisson of unease that perfectly complements the brooding tension of the play. It’s a warm, often humorous performance, too, humanising a character that can easily be too abstract, too detached. As Woyzeck narrates the story of his life unravelling, his mind wanders, fittingly reflecting the damaged psyche of a man haunted by paranoid delusions. There is no outside truth, only the shattered fragments of a broken man. Outstanding.

C nova, until 25 Aug.
tw rating 5/5 | [Andrew Leask]

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