1616: New Play About Shakespeare

Shakespeare locks himself in his room where, burdened with secrets and memories, he draws together the lost and broken threads of his enigmatic life. Reflecting on his deepest loves, erotic adventures, dear friends, sworn enemies and greatest works, he wonders now where true value really lies.
At times controversial and always thoroughly researched, this sparse and physical show propels us through grimy underworlds, court subterfuges and romantic adventures.
1616 unpicks Shakespeare’s place in the theatre, his sometime questionable business dealings and the inspirations behind his works. It is an intelligent, fast paced, moving and humorous tribute to the life and work of the greatest playwright of all time.
Following five star reviews of Gareth Somers’ one man Woyzeck at Edinburgh 2014 and previous acclaim as playwright Christopher Marlowe, he revisits the one man format to play Shakespeare’s, old friends and adversaries in what promises to be a mesmerising performance of this lyrical and enlightening new play .
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